Zogby and the DNC Platform Committee, Part 2: History and “History”

There are a few who want you to believe that the sky is falling because Sanders picked Jim to be the Palestine guy on the platform committee. Some from the right wing say he’s bad (very bad) for Israel, and some on the left wing insinuate he’s a normalizer. We’re left pretty dumbfounded by both sides’ selective reading of history. Let’s be quick and clear, the Holocaust quote being peddled is inaccurate, and the people trying to diminish – or ignore – Jim’s position(s) on Palestine are forgetting his role in 1988 with Jesse Jackson, 1992 with Bill Clinton, 2008 and 2012 with Barack Obama, and his civil society work since founding the Palestine Human Rights Campaign in 1976. We don’t have too much say about either sides’ historical amnesia because we’ve got actual work to do. Some influential newspapers reporting on what the #DNCDreamTeam means for the issue of Palestine have decided that simple history doesn’t sit right with them. Check out how the New York Times has “occupation” and “the plight of the Palestinian people” in quotes – like either is a controversial, debatable statement – and the The Hill did the same thing before they changed it. To all these people, we say in quotes, “seriously, come on.”