Zogby and the DNC Platform Committee, Part 1: Palestine Plus

We’ve got a lot to say about the exciting news our very own President Jim Zogby is in the starting line-up of the #DNCDreamTeam responsible for drafting the Democratic Party’s convention platform. It’s nothing short of a historic triumph for the decades of work Jim has spent forcing the issue of Palestine into mainstream party politics. A proud defender of Palestinian rights, the end of the occupation, justice for Palestinian citizens of Israel, the reconstruction of Gaza and more, it seems like the reasons Palestine has been blocked by the Democrats at previous conventions are the same reasons Jim got the job this time around. But let’s remember, Jim doesn’t just work on or care about Palestine. We’re celebrating his appointment because of Palestine, absolutely, but also because he has a tried-and-true record on racial justice, religious freedom, immigration reform, refugee resettlement, criminal justice reform, and more issues that the Arab American community cares deeply about. So let’s celebrate what this means for Palestine in U.S. politics, but let’s not stop the party there.