Unless you were cast away on a deserted island (pun very intended), you didn’t not hear (double negative for “did hear”, in case you’re not following) Trump, at that joint press conference with Putin in Helsinki, say that he didn’t have any reason to believe “why it would be” Russia that’s behind election-time hacking in 2016. After universal condemnation from the entire political spectrum, Trump backtracked, claiming what he really meant to say is no reason why it “wouldn’t” rather than “would” be Russia, even though the context of the remark makes that explanation implausible. But to smooth things out, Trump invited Putin to DC. “Say that again?” That’s the quote from the Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, who found out about Trump’s invitation for Putin from the press (the way all intelligence officials should find out about their president’s moves). Coats went on to say: “Okaaaaay, that’s going to be special.” Clearly, things aren’t not not normal in America.