Here’s a tricky one: What do university-age BDS supporters, the #MeToo movement, a hospital recall race in tiny Tulare, CA and the 2016 presidential election have in common? All have been attacked via dark-web intelligence gathering and public-facing smear tactics of private intelligence firms staffed by former Israeli intelligence offers. A stunning piece in the New Yorker this week details the emergence, evolution, and spread of Israeli private intelligence firms’ operations in the United States. Using the disturbing promotional language, “reality is a matter of perception,” these groups not only do so-called “oppositional research,” but they, in fact, fabricate personas, organizations, causes, websites, and entire campaigns to meet their clients’ needs. They work to change public perception through deliberate deception, staging incidents, creating endless avatars and ‘online presences’ to spread falsifying ‘evidence’ in the only court people seem to care about these days: public opinion. This report is deeply disturbing, and though ongoing investigations being conducted by former FBI Director Robert Mueller have stymied (for now) at least one of the companies, the article closes with the grave warning: what we’ve seen so far is only “the tip of the iceberg.”