Just because Vice President Joe Biden decided against running for the higher office this year doesn't mean he isn't making his presence known in the race. Joe's comments last week on Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders came just about as close as we can remember to a Vice Presidential primary endorsement - he surprised us all with a pretty clear endorsement of Senator Sanders' policies, not Secretary Hillary's. It's surprising not because we thought he was in Camp Hillary all this time, but surprising because he made it publicly known that he isn't. His comments only poured salt on Hillary's critically wounded effort to unite the Democratic Party behind her candidacy. Even though the Democratic National Committee can reasonably be accused of anointing her, the Party's institution has come under sustained internal fire for its less than democratic actions that obviously favor Clinton at the expense of the other two candidates. I mean, are they serious about the debate schedule? But with Joe's low blow and Sanders surging in the polls, Hillary's need to keep the Democratic foot soldiers in line is not only desired, but necessary. The anointed candidate is having to deal with the unexpected candidate and not always doing so successfully.

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