As Israel’s killing of unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza continues, the highly prestigious Genesis awards ceremony was set to honor American-Israeli actress and superstar Natalie Portman. But Portman’s representative had something interesting to say to the Genesis Prize Foundation: “Recent events in Israel have been extremely distressing to her and she does not feel comfortable participating in any public events in Israel,” adding “she cannot in good conscience move forward with the ceremony.” And yes, the sky did fall and, having lost their primary honoree, the foundation cancelled the award ceremony altogether. This is obviously another major wake up call for the Israeli government about its unacceptable treatment of the Palestinian people. But will they actually wake up? If an Israeli parliamentarian’s call to strip Natalie Portman of her Israeli citizenship is any indication, the answer is not yet. But the world will continue to wake up to the injustice imposed on the Palestinians, and we’ll keep fighting until Palestinians live in dignity and freedom.