Yalla Count Me In- A National GOTC Campaign

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“ As an Arab American, I pledge to fill out the Census and ensure everyone in my household is counted!"

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Yalla Count Me In is a national, grassroots-led campaign is designed to Get Out the Count (GOTC) of Arab Americans for the 2020 Census.

The campaign was developed after extensive message testing research was conducted to understand the best way to reach all members of our community. Our goal is to assist and uplift efforts happening locally across the country.

Yalla Count Me In allows for local Arab American organizations across the country who will be leading this effort in 2020 to coordinate, strategize and share best practices. But you don't have to be a community leader to get involved! Everyone can play a role by using the Yalla Count Me In social media toolkit to connect with friends and family in your community. 

We encourage you to visit the YallaCountMeIn.org website to access bilingual resources about reaching a fair and accurate Census count in 2020. New materials are being added all the time. 

The work for the 2020 Census begins now. Get the word out and start talking about the Census in your communities early on, so that when it comes everyone is ready to be counted!

  • Ask people to sign the YallaCountMeIn pledge below so that they can get more information about all things Census. 
  • Share census content using the #YallaCountMeIn hashtag starting today and tag us in your posts @AAIUSA.  

This is a joint effort that will benefit our community for generations to come so we need you with us.

Say "Yalla, Count Me In!" and work towards a fair and accurate count today!


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