Posted by Arab American Institute on October 05, 2016 in Blog

The Arab American Institute’s 2016 state voter guides cover the basic rules of the upcoming election on November 8th specifically for the 12 states with the highest concentrations of Arab American voters. You’ll find information on registration deadlines, absentee voting, early voting, voter ID requirements, campaigning around the polls and information on poll watching. We’ve also included key demographic information for your state as well as the names of candidates seeking federal office. We hope you find this guide useful as you prepare for Election Day! Yalla Vote!

Presidential_Voter_Guide_Cover.pngOur 2016 Presidential Voter Guide: The Race to the White House is a good faith compilation of recorded positions the major party candidates have taken on selected issues the Arab American Institute is monitoring. This is not a comprehensive summary of the candidates’ policies. It is a reflection of the most common and clear policies put forward by the candidates that we’ve been able to document during the 2016 campaign.

The issues covered in this voter guide are ones where our community has unique insight. They include: U.S. role in the Middle East; U.S. campaign against ISIL; Syria, Palestine-Israel; civil rights and civil liberties; bigotry; and immigration reform.