Posted by Arab American Institute on September 10, 2016 in Blog

On September 10th, the Tunisian Community Center held a #YallaVote Education and Registration Drive at the Saba Restaurant in Queens. The drive was run with enthusiasm, as the Community Center and its volunteers attempted to get as many as they could to register and vote. The #YallaVote merchandise (t-shirts, buttons, signs, etc.) and tasty treats from the restaurant were a good motivator too!

“For the last decade and a half, the #YallaVote campaign represented the greatest tool for the Tunisian Community Center’s voter education efforts. Our latest event, in New York on September 10th, was an opportunity for our team to provide voter registration information, and in addition, allowed us to have face to face conversations with Tunisian-Americans about the issues most important to them," said Executive Director Ali Khemili of the Tunisian Community Center.

#YallaVote is the foundation of AAI’s grassroots voter mobilization and education campaign aimed at raising the Arab American community’s political voice. It is events like the Tunisian Community Center’s that helps ensure Arab Americans are heard.

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