Following their respective victories in the Wisconsin primaries, Senators Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders don’t have a lot of time to gloat. Sanders’s easy victory in Wisconsin will only truly matter if he can use it as a spring to victory in New York – which is the home state of his opponent. Secretary Clinton, who walked away with only 10 less delegates from Wisconsin than the Senator, still has a huge lead in the delegate count and Sanders’s hope of flipping the all important “super delegates” hasn’t yielded any fruit, yet. While the Democrats are talking New York, the Republicans are talking Cleveland. For Senator Ted Cruz, who walked away with a whopping 30 more delegates than that businessman, a win in Wisconsin makes a contested Convention in Cleveland even more likely. Cool, calm, and collected for the press, GOP leaders are panicking behind the scenes about the possible death of the Republican Party on the convention floor. The Convention’s security personnel and sponsors – including Coca Cola - are piling onto the GOP’s problems. After the threat of guns inside of the Convention, Cleveland police are spending the $50million they were granted to prep for the Convention. That means riot gear, tactical armor, training at the Nuclear Security Summit, and a huge surge in personnel. In an election cycle that has already produced some scary and violent moments, the worst might be yet to come.