If you regularly read Countdown, you’ve heard about the piling attempts to undermine the First Amendment by penalizing non-violent protests of Israel, including boycotts, in various states across the country. Well, there was movement in the opposite direction last week, when California’s Democratic Party rejected anti-boycott language from being included on their platform (yay!). This wasn’t just about avoiding the bad, it was also about including the awesome: The party also approved a recommendation to support Congresswoman Betty McCollum’s bill seeking to protect Palestinian children from abuse in Israeli military detention. The party couldn’t reach an agreement on condemning Trump’s illegitimate Jerusalem decision, but they did express support for a potential Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem, which is something. At the same convention, Senator Dianne Feinstein failed to secure the Democratic Party’s endorsement for her reelection, despite holding that seat for a quarter of a century. Whatever is going on in California, it certainly isn’t politics as usual.