Pompeo’s dangerous nomination to head the State Department leaves a spot open in the CIA. And what better way to fill the void at the CIA than an even more dangerous appointment (and by dangerous, we mean this is really bad for our country and standing in the world). To head the CIA, Trump nominated current deputy director Gina Haspel. Problem is that Haspel played a key role in the CIA’s infamous torture program nicely dubbed the “Rendition, Detention and Interrogation Program.” While there are disputes about the location of the CIA “black site” that she ran, where detainees were indeed tortured, there seems to be no dispute that she played a key leadership role in a dark period in our nation’s history. If you find this troubling, you’re not alone. Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein is now requesting that documents about Haspel’s role with the torture program be declassified. And that’s not all. When the CIA’s black sites came under scrutiny, Haspel started pushing for the destruction of torture tapes, and “accomplished her mission years later when she rose to a senior position at CIA headquarters and drafted an order to destroy the evidence.” At this point, you may be thinking you drifted into some nightmare, but we assure you she’s nominated to head the CIA in the real world. It looks like we haven’t seen the worst from this administration yet.

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