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Marylanders will vote on proposed new Congressional districts in November. But Attorney General David Paulson confirmed today that, even if voters reject the new districts, they’ll stay in place through 2014. Paulson said “When it comes to this issue, we are in uncharted territory.”

If the redistricting referendum is struck down on November 6, Governor O’Malley will be required to submit a new plan to the General Assembly by January 31, 2013. But those elected in Maryland’s 2012 election will remain in Congress until the midterm elections.

Getting Out the Vote…Just Maybe Not in Maryland
Party officials on both sides of the aisle are calling Maryland a foregone conclusion in the Presidential race. Chris Cavey, Vice Chair of Maryland’s GOP delegation, is so convinced that Obama will carry the state that he’s urging Maryland Republicans to spend time “helping our neighbors who have a little bit more chance to add to the Electoral College”—neighbors in swing states like Virginia and Pennsylvania. Rep. Steny Hoyer (D) agrees, saying that a lot of Democrats in southern Maryland will be heading to northern Virginia to drum up votes.

On the other hand, the Executive Director of Maryland’s Republican Party, David Ferguson, says Romney’s got a “good chance” of winning Maryland, and he credits voter registration efforts in the state. According to Ferguson, GOP registrations now outnumber Democrats in at least three counties (Cecil, Calvert, and St. Mary’s), and the Romney campaign has assigned coordinators and volunteers in each of the state’s 24 counties.

So what does former Gov. Bob Ehrlich think? As Honorary Chair of Romney’s Maryland campaign, he’s opened a new campaign office—in York, Pennsylvania. It’s unclear if his choice of venue is because Maryland is a "done deal" for Romney or for Obama.

Be sure to keep us posted on what’s happening in your district, and stay tuned for more information about AAI’s own Yalla Vote Maryland and GOTV campaigns. We’ll be looking for your help on September 25, National Voter Registration Day!

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