This week eighteen mayors across the United States signed a letter urging President Obama to welcome more refugees into the country. Signatories include mayors of state capitals and major cities, such as New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Minneapolis. This heartwarming gesture comes one day after Senator Ted Cruz of Texas wrote a letter about refugees, but for different reasons. In his letter to members of Obama’s cabinet, Cruz asked many questions about who will be entering, where they're from, and how they'll be vetted. He believes that Congress has an obligation to “resist this effort” before we “wind up spending taxpayer dollars to import terrorism.” Cruz is convinced that accepting refugees equates to threatening national security, even when the facts show that migrations to the U.S. have boosted economies and provided positive cultural and social impacts to each city, as the mayors recognized. Sen. Cruz was perhaps so wrapped up in fearing imaginary enemies that he forgot he was born in Canada to an immigrant father from Cuba who came to the U.S. to escape Castro’s oppression. Had it not been for the U.S. accepting so many Cuban refugees, Ted Cruz probably would not be a Senator and in a position to so strongly question the American refugee vetting system. Remember when Cuba was a prime enemy of the United States? Now look at Miami, one of America’s most prosperous cities, largely because of the hard-working Cuban Americans and other immigrant communities that have settled there. Syrian refugees are a chance for American cities that have faltered, like Detroit, to thrive again with the “new labor and energy” that refugees bring to a community. Give refugees a chance, Ted.