There are no Twitter tirades like Trump’s Twitter tirades. And there are no Trump Twitter tirades like whistleblower-exposed, impeachment-facing Trump Twitter tirades. In what looks like an attempt to raise the stakes and incite violence in case he’s impeached, Trump declared that impeachment efforts are a “coup” attempting to rob Americans of their “God-given rights as a [sic] Citizen of The United States.” This is all scary stuff. But telling you that the president is putting his own personal aggrandizement before the well-being of the country isn’t exactly news. What might be news to you, though, is that the term “whistleblower” used to have negative connotations, until Arab American citizen advocate Ralph Nader helped mainstream it as a positive reference to people who disclose wrongdoing at great personal risk. For the many reasons to be grateful for Ralph Nader’s advocacy (we especially like clean water and seatbelts!), we add whistleblower protections to the list. Now, this is what we call #ArabAmericansLead.