It’s a short three weeks until the Republican National Convention kicks off in Cleveland and we’re having a hard time figuring out who’s actually going to be there. The Trump campaign is probably asking the same question as the number of senior Republican leaders skipping the convention keeps growing - John Kasich joined that list this week -  and the list of corporate investors continues dwindles – this week Apple joined the list of those not attending. Trump has also got to be worried about the 3 week timeline to find a willing Vice President pick, which seems to be a difficult task considering the number of Republicans who have taken their own names out of the running. The 4-day convention is reportedly having a hard time lining up entertainment for the Republican delegates who are going to be there - and some unwelcome others including a violent neo-Nazi brigade. It's worth noting that we’re having a hard time finding any Arab American Republican convention-goers (either on the Party's staff or actual delegates) who are going to the convention – which will be the first time in our organization’s history. Also a first in our history, AAI won't be hosting the events we normally do at conventions, but we will be there to make a point. If for whatever reason you'll be there, or know people who will be there, we urge you to join us for a free comedy show we are poignantly calling "Banned: Dangerously Funny Arab Americans and American Muslims" featuring our friends Dean Obeidallah and Maysoon Zayid. We’re all going to need a good laugh.