It's not just the GOP who's fighting some major internal battles to come to grips with their presumptive nominee. For the Democrats, the battle between the Clinton and Sanders camps was live streamed for all to see this past weekend when the Platform Drafting Committee met in St. Louis to put together the 2016 Democratic Platform. As everyone could have predicted, the outnumbered Sanders appointees lost just about every major battle, some of which were confounding (like climate change measures) and some of which were infuriatingly predictable (like the Israel and Palestine language). Despite the vehement disappointment with platform language in the Bernie camp, Hillary and the DNC are hailing the platform as the most progressive platform in the party's history, which may actually be true if you look at the Sanders-led measures that did pass like the death penalty, Native American rights, and Wall Street reform. But we want to kindly remind everyone who is prematurely counting their victories and defeats - you shouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch. The drafted platform must be voted on next week by Platform Committee members. It takes 25% of dissenting Committee members to join together to issue a minority plank which can then be raised on the convention floor in Philly. Change might still be coming.