This week in the (non-winter) White House hate watch, notorious Islamophobe and President of a hate group Brigitte Gabriel was welcomed (but not invited, reportedly) to the White House to discuss her group's anti-Muslim agenda with administration officials. Gabriel has not been shy about bragging on her connection to the Trump campaign and now to the White House - likely through the now former NSA chief Michael Flynn who serves on the ACT! board - but this time Gabriel's boasting has drawn a whole lot of scrutiny and caused a bit of a stir for the administration. Things got weird when the White House at first refused to confirm that she was even invited, despite Facebook and Twitter photos she posted showing her inside the White House going over papers (likely hateful) with White House staffer Paul Teller (who has his own history). It's a little strange that a White House pretty darn comfortable with anti-Muslim activists would balk at Gabriel's presence. Nonetheless, it's absolutely outrageous that someone who so publicly propagates hate has any access at all to serious policymakers let alone to the office of the President of the United States. But again, how can we be surprised when the Trump White House gave us the Muslim ban—twice so far? The access and influence of Gabriel or her ideas in the White House is just one more reason to fight with all we've got to protect Arab Americans and American Muslims. That takes legal challenges and it takes organizing. Join with us, here's how.