We took a short break from writing Countdowns last month, but boy did we miss a lot! First up was Bannon. Yes, Darth Vader finally departed the White House, returning to the evil troll-pire at Breitbart. And what happened to Sebastian Gorka shortly after? You guessed it: Chewbacca’s evil twin was also banished from the administration, but he gave us one final insightful thought right before we stopped caring about what he had to say: He said that National Security Adviser General McMaster’s understanding of Islamic terrorism was “limited” because he had worked with Muslims in Iraq. That, of course, makes total sense. Direct, real-life experience can be very limiting compared to the limitless source of wisdom Gorka relies on, located somewhere on his ... Any who, having these people a little farther away from the levers of power is important. But before you breathe a sigh of relief, there is still a guy at the White House who thinks “Islam hates us,” and that there are two sides to a neo-nazi hate rally. He’s also the man in charge.