To give the Republicans a break – sorry there’s so much to cover there – we want to direct your attention away from this awful report that the U.S. military just re-released. When we first saw it, we thought it couldn’t possibly be real. What credible policy analysis shop can argue that wearing a hijab is “passive terrorism” and dabble with the theory that sexual deprivation is a main reason men are joining ISIL. Not only is it real, it came from the same policy shop that operates on a $4.4 billion budget and gave us the research that produced the science behind the B-2 stealth bomber and the Predator drone, to name just a few. This isn’t some fringe research group without an audience. The social media world – not their usual targets - did its thing to mock the “passive terrorism” lunacy, but even one person taking this report seriously is a major problem. We’ve long had to fight against insensitive, incorrect, and biased training materials that our law enforcement uses to educate its officers, but now we have to contend with this cottage industry purporting expertise in understanding why someone resorts to violence. This phony science is laughable at best, but extremely dangerous when the U.S. military not only sees fit to release the paper once, but to re-release the paper 5 years later at a time when the cottage industry around Countering Violent Extremism seems ready and willing to mobilize against all dangers – including the hijabi’s “passive terrorism.”

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