In the 12 years since the last major war between Lebanon and Israel, it hasn't been a completely peaceful ride - neither have major issues been put to bed. It looks like war season is heating up again in Israel, with one senior IDF officer saying "the IDF can put Lebanon back 300 years and in parallel conquer the Gaza Strip and destroy all of its infrastructure" and "it's a question of when, not if." That's how we started the week; we're ending it having to reckon with Israel's actions that seemingly back up those words. The scary IDF quote was released on Monday, on Tuesday the Israeli military fired tear gas canisters across the border, and on Wednesday we read reports signaling a significant deployment of Israeli troops to the Lebanon border. Hezbollah hasn't been a bystander to any of this, and the vocalness of Nasrallah hasn't changed. The group's leader has promised more revenge attacks against Israel for their airstrikes targeting Hezbollah fighters in Syria, and has even threatened a Hezbollah attack on Haifa. Neither party is a stranger to armed conflict, and neither is doing much to deescalate. Is it that time again? We sure hope not.

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