A large portion of the American public has spent the bulk of this past summer wondering how reality television star Donald Trump has managed to become the top GOP candidate for next year’s Presidential election. If one reads a recent survey released by Public Policy Polling, it's clear that the source of the Donald’s popularity is a bit worrisome. According to the survey, this is an electorate where 44% of respondents do not believe that President Obama was born in the U.S., 54% believe that the President is a Muslim, and 51% believe that the constitution should be changed "to bar citizenship for children of undocumented immigrants." With these figures in mind, it is not entirely surprising that Trump and other GOP presidential candidates have consistently made bigoted remarks on a variety of issues. During the first Republican debate, Gov. Bobby Jindal called immigration without assimilation "an invasion" and Sen. Lindsey Graham said he would monitor mosques if he had to. What happened to the Reagan-era Republican party?