Let’s play a game of, Who Said That? “Not a soul has registered today. It’s going smoothly.” Any guesses? That’s a quote from Mason County Election Auditor Paddy McGuire, in Washington State (that was a hard one, we know). If you were taken aback by her celebration of poor voter registration numbers, rest assured this is a positive sign in their state (not a joke). Last year we told you about the strides states like Washington were making by instituting Automatic Voter Registration. Since then, Washington has only amped up its commitment to voter access by instituting same-day voter registration and a new statewide voting system, VoteWA, to streamline the process for both voters and administrators. This program was a one-stop shop for folks who needed support on election day. Many voters who needed that support cited a great experience. Despite some concerns about the rollout of VoteWA, the low voter registration numbers are a sign the new system and AVR are working together well because few people needed in-person support to register, update their information, or get a ballot. If you’re keeping score, Washington state now has vote-by-mail, automatic voter registration, same-day voter registration, and a secure, easy-to-use online system that actually solves voters’ problems. Sounds to us like they’re leading in the race to modernize elections, and we stan a good voting system (what’s “stan?” Ask your kids).