Ever since Tillerson reportedly called Trump a moron, it seemed only a matter of time before the Ego-in-Chief finds a replacement that’s more up his alley. Now, multiple government officials are saying CIA Director Mike Pompeo is the likely replacement. Of course, that’s the same Pompeo that trafficked in anti-Muslim fiction, like suggesting that American Muslim leaders are “potentially complicit” in terrorist attacks on America because of their imaginary “silence.” But another part of his agenda is also scary, as his opposition to the Iran nuclear deal includes him playing up an alleged relationship between Iran and Al-Qaeda, leading to speculation that he’ll push towards a military confrontation with Iran. But who would fill the CIA spot vacated by Pompeo? Apparently, it’s Senator Tom Cotton. Who is that, you ask? He’s none other than the guy who sent a letter to Iranian leaders a couple of years ago to dissuade them from reaching a nuclear deal with President Barack Obama. We may be confronting slim odds, but we’re hopeful people, so we’re still rooting for sanity to prevail in whatever comes next.