We got a real chuckle when FBI Director James Comey called for an "adult conversation" between people in the national security and civil liberties worlds about the risk analysis of encrypted technologies. We're not sure what wasn't "adult" about the many, many conversations between those camps up until this point, and we don't want to assume that Comey is just frustrated that he isn't getting his way. Let’s be clear - we're not trying to say any of these conversations have been productive, or that they should be. It's pretty easy to see there is not a compromise to be had - it's winner take all. So we're wondering if by "adult conversation" Comey really means that the civil liberties camp needs to give in to his demands for a way the government can crack encrypted devices. We're no technology experts but it's pretty easy to understand why encryption is a vital, life-saving, democracy preserving technology in the United States and around the world. It's scary to consider a world with back-door access to encrypted technology (aka no truly encrypted technology), but we're more scared that Comey's call for an "adult conversation" is in fact a thinly veiled threat that his cause will win out. Let's hope not, that's no way to have an adult democracy.