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For Immediate Release: November 14, 2016

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Following last week’s election, the Arab American Institute issued the following statement:

November 9, 2016

The results are in and we have a new President-Elect, Donald Trump.

While we take time to process what this means for our country and for our community, we write to say that our work not only continues but becomes even more urgent.

The divisiveness and bigotry that have characterized this long election cycle have been difficult, and the campaign has understandably made a lot of Americans fearful of what is to come. We share these concerns. Candidate Donald Trump proposed a long list of policies - from immigration to national security and foreign policy - that we simply cannot abide by as Americans.

Last night the President-Elect said: "Now it is time for America to bind the wounds of come together as one united people." We agree. And we believe that healing our divisions must start with rejecting unconstitutional and undemocratic policies like a "Muslim ban" and "stop and frisk" and an inhumane immigration practices.

We will continue to do our work the only way we know how, and that's to be both principled and relevant - to find ways to be effective agents of progress and justice for all and with all. We will continue to fight specifically for the issues that Arab Americans care deeply about and are most affected by. 

If there is said to be a silver lining for our community last night, it was the victories of many Arab American candidates. We’ve compiled a list of the results on our website, and we are pleased to see the addition of an Arab American governor and many others to the cohort of our elected officials. We are also so very proud of the work our small staff did for the American people yesterday, by hosting a Yalla Vote hotline which fielded calls about voter intimidation, voter registration, and polling place questions for over 24 hours. We also hosted an all-day non-partisan get out the vote phone bank. In total, we made thousands of calls across the country.

As President-Elect Trump talks of unity today, of being a president for all Americans, we are listening. We are working. And we will continue the fight for what we believe in as a community.


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