Increasingly popular presidential candidate Donald Trump joined another 2016 hopeful, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, to headline a “Tea Party Patriots” rally in Washington, DC to drum up opposition to the Iran nuclear deal. Ever the provocateurs, Cruz and Trump not only used the time to predict the eventual nuclear bomb that will wipe out the Eastern seaboard, but they very publicly elevated their friendship and respect for notorious Islamophobe Frank Gaffney as well as his organization, cheekily called The Center for Security Policy. Well, there was definitely enough anti-Muslim fear-mongering for Gaffney’s taste, and the two candidates had help scoring those points thanks to Gaffney’s like minded friends Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck who were also on hand for the occasion. Best quote of the day probably goes to Palin, who said that the U.S.’s nuclear deal is “suppin’ with Sharia.” Though we’re not entirely sure what that means, we did note that what was missing from the hours of speeches was any serious talk about the merits of the deal itself. Trump just railed against it saying, “I’ve never seen a deal more incompetently negotiated than our deal with Iran.” And though Trump a few days earlier admitted to not being privy to the machinations, key actors, and procedures of foreign policy, apparently finds himself an expert on this score.