With just 67 days until the nation goes to the polls on November 8th, Hillary Clinton still can't escape the heat over her email server. Her media strategy seems to be trying to keep Trump's unsuitability as the centerpiece of the conversation, but email after email and hack after hack take away a lot of the punch from the "better than him by a long shot" message. And that's a real shame because the drama-loving news cycle is always going to opt for sensational scandals over a substantive policy discussion. And Hillary has really delivered on the latter. Clinton has given major speeches over the past two weeks that have not only pummeled Donald Trump, but also laid out some huge ideas that the media should be wrestling with. Like Clinton's "alt-right" speech which struck us as an attempt to save the Republican Party by marginalizing Trump and some of his demographically challenged supporters (if “alt-right” can be a euphemism for white supremacists than we thought “demographically challenged” might work for racists). Clinton's strategy is potentially seismic for the two-party American political system (including at least two Arab American Republicans who are alienated by Trump's hostile takeover of their party), but instead of talking about it, the media's talking about the new emails and new information about the infamous server. Something else we should be talking about is Hillary Clinton's speech on "American Exceptionalism" (a phrase that makes us cringe). Her speech to the American Legions was a resounding call for U.S. action abroad, postulating that without American “management” world affairs would be a disaster. Say what you want about that worldview. No really, let's talk about that instead of when Bill Clinton should resign from a Foundation.