Surveillance issues are C-O-N-F-U-S-I-N-G, and straight up creepy too. We’ll spare you the overly-technical details and just let you know that the FBI has begun deploying facial recognition technology that has unprecedented surveillance powers AND is trying to make the biometric data (like physical appearance cues and iris scans) behind that technology exempt from provisions in the Privacy Act that would allow you to know what they have on you. Yeah, combine powerful technology with little-to-no public oversight and knowledge, and we’re getting really far away from what a free, liberty-valuing democracy should look like. This week we’re asking all of our supporters to take a few minutes to contact the Department of Justice to oppose the secrecy of this technology – what is called the “Next Generation Identification” system. So please join AAI and 44 other organizations calling for the exemptions to be rejected and privacy rights maintained. Learn more and add your voice here.