Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came back to Washington, DC this week to patch up the destruction he caused while he was lobbying against President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal. Since Bibi so forthrightly aligned himself with Republicans against the Democratic Party on his last visit – a little kiss and make up tour was planned to reinstate the once unchallenged bipartisan allegiance to Israel. And boy were there a few too many eager Dems ready to welcome the Prime Minister back into the good graces of the Party this week. Remember the letter Hillary Clinton sent earlier this year to mega donor Haim Saban in which she basically said the BDS movement is anti-Semitic? Well, Clinton wrote another letter of sorts that was published in The Forward a few days ahead of Bibi’s trip this week. Her op-ed was a sweeping, emotional denunciation of President Obama’s handling of Israel, and goes to ridiculous lengths to pledge her allegiance not just to the US-Israel relationship but to the Israeli narrative. It’s actually quite dumbfounding considering that the former Secretary of State knows better – an argument eloquently articulated by a young Palestinian American woman. What’s more is that the leader of the Clinton-aligned universe of Democratic institutions – the Center for American Progress (CAP) – provided a platform for Netanyahu despite internal dissent and external backlash. Progressive groups covering a range of issues went public to say that CAP is undeniably “progressive except on Palestine." Despite assurances from CAP’s President that she would challenge Bibi on areas of disagreement, the Prime Minister was given a full hour to hit all of his favorite talking points and went unchallenged when he lied and lied and lied.  The Clinton-aligned universe ought to pay attention to the very real, very vocal, and now united in opposition movement of genuine progressives who see through the election year pandering and Netanyahu’s lies. We want more from all U.S. politicians and political parties when it comes to Palestine, but progressive political think tanks should be helping us in that fight – not undermining it.