We're running out of new ways to express our alarm over the conduct of the Republican and Democratic parties under the current circumstances - but we'll take this opportunity to take our shots at both. The Republican Party is suffering from more self-inflicted wounds than we have the stomach to count. On the one hand, there is the possibly fatal blow of a disastrous attempt to pass a bad health care bill. The fallout from the spectacular failure is basically ripping the party apart, with the House Freedom Caucus and Trump loyalists apparently in open warfare. Poor Speaker Ryan's attempt at unity in the GOP rings pretty hollow and delusional. But the healthcare bill isn't even the most likely cause of the GOP's imminent fall from grace. That'd be Russia-gate and GOP loyalty to Rep. Devin Nunes whose highly problematic and indefensible actions as Chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence are ringing alarm bells everywhere. After several scandalous, leaky press conferences and blatant coordination with the White House on his investigation into the Russian role in the 2016 election, Devin Nunes' leadership on the Intel Committee and stewardship of the investigation itself is still being defended by his Republican colleagues. There's only ONE Republican in Congress willing to say that'd it'd be wise, at this point, for Nunes to recuse himself from the investigation. The Democrats, for their part, are celebrating their victorious defense of ObamaCare (they didn't win, they actually didn't do anything besides allow the Republican Party to implode). But the Democrats shouldn't be gloating at all, not only have they done nothing worthy of celebration but they are losing on almost every other policy issue at stake under unified Republican control of the White House and Congress. Perhaps by comparison Democrats are no longer the party that deserves to be the most embarrassed by the state of its party, but that is a LOW bar. We're dumbfounded and disturbed.