Election Day is 117 days away, and politicians in North Carolina are using every second they have left to continue their assault on ballot access by passing a new law to expand early voting hours. Assault rights by expanding voting hours? Your confusion is warranted, but here’s the deal: the law requires early voting locations to be open for 12 hours each weekday, but they didn’t budget enough money to keep them open for that long, so that means early voting locations will actually be forced to shut down (sneaky). And, surprise, this new law will disproportionately affect historically disenfranchised communities as the number of early voting sites dwindles to match a limited budget. Over 60% of black North Carolinian voters cast ballots during early voting periods in recent Presidential election years, and most of the people who voted the Saturday prior to the election were black. So, surprise again, early voting on the Saturday before the election will be outlawed after 2018. We are exasperated with the ongoing campaign to implement anti-democracy policies in North Carolina, and across the country. We know you are, too, so we’ll end on a hopeful note: use our Advocacy Road Map and the Center for American Progress (CAP)’s new report on voter participation to find easy ways to advocate for democracy reforms in your community today.