While there has been a whole lot of coverage of who Hillary Clinton is vetting and not vetting for her VP spot, we haven’t seen as much information coming out about Clinton’s likely cabinet choices. And maybe that’s why Trump keeps hitting Clinton with a line his supporters love, saying “Hillary will be 4 more years of Obama.” Because if Trump saw coverage of who Clinton’s likely Secretary of Defense will be – widely speculated to be Michele Flournoy – he’d understand how very different a Clinton administration might be, at least on Syria. Flournoy’s current operation, the Center for New American Security, recently debuted a new policy report on counter ISIS strategy that laid out a very different – and Obama-critical - vision for U.S. military engagement in Syria. The report’s release also earned a fancy conference and the legitimizing factor of Vice President Biden’s participation, which is kind of a big deal because the ISIS strategy the conference promoted is definitely not the one Biden is supposed to be defending. It’s all worth watching as names, resumes, and dirt is dug up on the future Clinton cabinet – and how the Democratic party will allow her divergence from President Obama’s battered foreign policy agenda.