In what may not be too much of a surprise, 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton recently bowed to the Democratic equivalent of Sheldon Adelson, multi-billion dollar Israeli-American media proprietor Haim Saban. In a July 2nd letter to Saban, she made a series of extremely perplexing statements: most striking, Hillary jumped from criticism of the BDS Movement to the January murdering of four Jewish patrons at a Paris supermarket. Anti-Semitic terrorism has nothing to do with criticism of Israeli policies. Nothing. There may be some fair criticisms of BDS, but one thing is clear: BDS itself is not anti-Semitic. One scholar said the letter demonstrates how Hillary is “out of touch with the progressive base of her party.” This is especially true after considering a new poll of “opinion elites”: just 23% of these Democrats are less likely to vote for a candidate who criticizes Israeli occupation (47% also believe that Israel is racist).