We're ready to work even harder

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Headlines_Donate.jpgLike you - we have spent the past week processing what Election 2016 means for our country, community, and Institute. We have spoken to community members from across the country, coalition partners, and public officials. 

What we have told them is this: Our work not only continues, but becomes even more urgent. 

The Arab American Institute was founded in 1985 to counter the politics of exclusion. During a time when Arab Americans were excluded from the table and campaign contributions from Arab Americans were returned, we organized, we mobilized, and we created this organization to ensure that Arab American voices were heard, our public servants welcomed, and our institutions and community protected. 

With the help of Arab Americans and allies across the country, we worked to ensure that issues that acutely impact Arab Americans were heard on the Hill and by five different Presidential Administrations. 

When our community was excluded, we were there. 

When our community was targeted, we were there.

When our community was scapegoated and profiled, we were there. 

We are proud that during some of our country’s most challenging times, the Arab American Institute was on the front lines - fighting for you.

We were founded to fight. 

And that is what we are going to continue to do. 

The divisiveness and bigotry that have characterized this long election cycle have been difficult, and the campaign has understandably made a lot of Americans fearful of what is to come. We share these concerns. Candidate Donald Trump proposed a long list of policies - from immigration to national security to foreign policy - that we simply cannot abide by as Americans. We believe that healing our divisions must start with rejecting unconstitutional and undemocratic policies like a "Muslim ban," inhumane immigration practices and “stop and frisk."

To this end, we are expanding our advocacy programs and want to hire additional attorneys to assist in pushing back on unconstitutional and undemocratic policies. If President-Elect Trump chooses to abandon those policies, we will be there watching with vigilance. If he does not, we will be there to fight back as effective agents of progress and justice for all, with all. 

We do not cower at the thought of what is to come, but we do need your continued support. Our community has taken ownership in our work since our founding - we ask that you continue to do so now.  

We’re ready to work even harder.

I hope you’ll join us.