The Senate voted to renew Sec. 702 of FISA. This provision allows the federal government to collect communications of foreign nationals overseas without a warrant, but if that communication involves a US citizen on the other end, it allows that too. That means searches of Americans’ data without probable cause and a warrant. Seriously. Earlier this week, Claire McCaskill was the 60thvote to end debate on the Senate bill. Rand Paul voted the right way, and Tim Kaine voted the wrong way, sending the bill for Trump’s signature. Last week, the House passed the measure, helped along by leaders of both parties. That’s right: Nancy Pelosi and 54 other Democrats opposed a careful reform bill and instead allowed the Trump Administration the warrantless ability to peer into communications between US citizens and foreign nationals abroad, disproportionately surveilling Americans who have friends and family in other countries… the same groups of people Trump has been targeting through policies such as the Muslim Ban, the Refugee Ban, DACA repeal, TPS terminations, “The Wall”, etc.  #Resistance, indeed.