We won’t hold back the punches when a person with great political power - like long time Clinton aide Huma Abedin - needs to be called out, but only for the right reasons. We count amongst the WRONG reasons to criticize Abedin the oft-repeated conspiracy theories that because she is Muslim there must be some nefarious intent for her public service (which, by the way, she started with an internship). The charge that Abedin is an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood first found a national platform in 2012 when Michele Bachmann (yes, this Michele Bachmann) repeated the claim ad nauseam. But the clearly anti-Muslim, baseless, and bigoted charge is once again part of a presidential election not only because Bachmann is an official advisor to Donald Trump, but because a reputable D.C. news site has decided to lend its credibility to the witch hunt targeting American Muslim staffers by publishing an op ed detailing the conspiracy. It's not that attempts to malign allegiances of some Americans is new - it's a tale as old as American time - but we are dumbstruck that it's not widely, vociferously, and effectively condemned. Once and for all.