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Join AAI's National Arab American Discussion on Egypt on Tuesday, July 23rd from 1:00-1:45 (Eastern Time)

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As waves of protests and popular uprisings blossomed across the Arab world two winters ago, Arab Americans became swept up in their movements as well. It is difficult to forget the hope many of us shared in those initial weeks and months as massive, non-violent demonstrations flowed into streets demanding change. Yet as events have continued to unfold across the region, the evolving situations in each country have grown increasingly complex.

Arab Americans have a unique role to play in ongoing policy debates regarding the Arab world, and that’s why AAI is responding to calls from the community to convene national Arab American conversations on Egypt, Syria, and Palestine. We cannot let Arab American perspectives on the events unfolding in the Arab world go unheard. Unlike certain pundits and members of the media, we understand that there is more to the story than a lack of “mental ingredients.”

Over the next few weeks, AAI will foster a national Arab American dialogue on these issues. We will tackle one topic each week, encouraging Arab Americans to freely exchange their concerns, questions, and ideas. Join us, along with Arab American scholars, journalists, fellow community members and activists.

Here are the ways you can participate in each week’s conversations: 

  • Join AAI’s Arab American Google Hangout
  • Chime in during a Twitter Chat
  • Join a national conference call

Why is your participation important?

Just like those who are working to help encourage change in the Arab world, Arab Americans have a duty here at home to change the way Americans think about the Arab world.

Look out for emails from us starting Monday, July 22nd with a detailed agenda for our first week of conversations on Egypt. In the meantime, please view the schedule of the upcoming conversation on Egypt below and Follow AAI on Twitter and like us on Facebook.


Week One: Egypt
Tuesday, July 23rd Arab American Twitter Chat: #Egypt #AAIChat
Wednesday, July 24th, Arab American Google Hangout
Thursday, July 25th, National conference call