The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a story of one people displacing another, and today refusing to accept the UN/internationally-mandated two-state solution by which the indigenous Palestinians can have just 22% of their historic homeland. But the actually relevant issues of displacement and international law were not big topics at AIPAC. What got a lot more play was kooky religious talk. Take Ambassador David Friedman, who said "It's no less than blasphemous to suggest that any Jew or Christian is against peace." Those Muslims on the other hand… (not very subtle subtext). So, "If there is no peace as we speak,” he added, “I strongly suggest that we blame someone other than Israel for this." Thanks Mr. Ambassador, we’ll try not to blaspheme. And then there was the top Democrat in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, who claimed Palestinian rejection of Israel was the reason why peace was elusive, explaining: “Of course, we say it's our land, the Torah says it, but they don't believe in the Torah. So that's the reason there is not peace.” Um, senator, religious texts isn’t how we divide lands these days. Also, the Palestinians recognized Israel in 1988, you really should update your talking points, it’s been 30 years since this particular deflection attempt were even remotely plausible.