Aside from his attacks on the press and the Trump University lawsuit file dump, there’s not much new to report on Trump this week. Just like everyone else, we’re still waiting for his “pivot to the general.” But on the other hand, other Republicans making news this week have us thinking that we might need to extend our “Countdown” count-down past the November 8th General Election. Republican godfather Bill Kristol fielded the (not) widely known, (not) wildly popular, but seemingly qualified veteran and writer David French to mount a 3rd party bid. While it might be easy to dismiss the French plan, the difficult and unlikely scenario where French is able to get on a handful of state ballots and earn enough votes from the #NeverTrump and #Never“DemocratName” block, he could split the delegates which would then block either major party candidate from reaching the 270 electoral college votes it takes to win, and then toss the whole election to the House of Representatives for a vote. Also helping the “split-the-vote” strategy is the Libertarian ticket featuring two former blue-state Republican governors that is already polling in the 10th percentile. In that case, Countdown will keep counting-down à 158 days to go until the General vote.