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A Texas- based group, True the Vote, plans to mobilize millions of poll watchers around the country. But some fear that its real intention is to intimidate minority voters. Their fears were confirmed last month when True the Vote’s national election coordinator told poll watchers that their aim should be to make for voters feel “like [you’re] driving and seeing the police following you.”

The organization, which has openly stated its intention to oust President Obama, has been the subject of media investigations regarding its attempts to purge voter rolls across the country. Just last Friday, Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-7) asked True the Vote’s founder and President, Catherine Engelbrecht, to clarify its process for challenging voter records, noting that its systematic challenge of voter records in minority districts throughout several states may, in fact, constitute a criminal conspiracy to commit voter suppression.

In his October 5 letter, Cummings cites the organization’s “horrendous record of filing inaccurate voter registration challenges, causing legitimate voters—through no fault of their own—to receive letters from local election officials notifying them that their registrations have been challenged and requiring them to take steps to remedy false accusations against them.”

True the Vote has submitted thousands of names to election officials in Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin, asking that they be purged from the voter rolls. In each case, the list of “suspect” registrations was rife with errors. “Across multiple states, government officials of both political parties have criticized your methods and work product for their lack of accuracy and reliability,” wrote Cummings.

If you or anyone you know encounters voter intimidation at the polls during this election, we encourage you to let us know, to record or otherwise document your experience, and to call or log on to the Election Protection Hotline (1-866-OURVOTE) immediately.



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