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In 48 hours Virgin will select the winning 2 minute short from 750 running this year in competition. Palestinian film maker Leila Sansour is about 200 votes shy of having this moving film about the wall in Palestine come first. This is the first year that Virgin opens the vote to the public. If her film  wins it will screen for a whole year in UK cinemas and beyond running alongside other ads before commercial film screenings. This will be an important media achievement in raising awareness of the Wall's impact in Palestine and a great chance for the Palestinian story to reach and entirely new audience.

The film has already captured the public imagination and stands a great chance to win.

What to do:

1) Click this link and select "Like" or share via twitter, which is a 'yes' vote for the film.

2) Email your friends and spread the word that this needs urgent support.

3) Post a notice on Facebook to attract more votes.

4) If you just want to tweet about it please make sure to include name of the film and hashtag in your tweet They came in the morning" and the hashtag #ShortsLucky13 


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