Posted on February 12, 2010 in Viewpoint with James Zogby

Mowahid Shah, Political analyst, Columnist and former Pakistani cabinet member, was back on the show for a full hour-long discussion on a wide range of international and domestic issues. Shah offered analysis and opinion on the so-called Tea Party Convention and key speakers at the event He specifically discussed comments made by Sarah Palin in an interview with Fox News following the convention where she spoke about Barak Obama’s Presidency and the likelihood of his reelection.

In the interview, Palin, using rhetoric and ideas from an article by Daniel Pipes, suggested that if President Obama were to bomb or make war with Iran, and (a Daniel pipes puts it) “play the war card” he might be considered “tough enough” to serve another term in office and could subsequently be reelected. Shah, when asked to comment on Sarah Palin’s interview, said that her words “reflect the immaturity of the American political system” and called Palin’s suggestion to open a third front of war “a prescription for apocalypse”. Shah then went on to talk about Tom Tancredo’s speech at the Tea Party Convention, and continued the discussion speaking about various other important domestic and international issues.