Posted on March 26, 2010 in Viewpoint with James Zogby

John Zogby Founder and C.E.O. of Zogby International, an international polling and research marketing firm, discussed the recent passing of the new health care bill and also gave analysis on a new poll which surveys the opinions of Americans on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. On health care, Zogby offered a breakdown of the two different narratives on the issue; that of Democrats and Republicans. He also highlighted the importance of the new legislation for both parties come election time. In addition, Zogby explained the results of his firm’s new poll, which measures American opinions on topics ranging from overall perceived impact on U.S. relations with the rest of the world and the legitimacy of new Israeli settlements.

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Brett McGurk, Former special advisor to President Obama and senior advisor to Ambassador Ryan Crocker and Ambassador Hill in Baghdad, spoke about the current elections in Iraq. McGurk, an expert on Iraqi politics, provided an analysis of the country’s current political landscape and gave viewers a breakdown of the issues and controversy surrounding the elections. “The worst-case scenario would be a vote that is close which doesn’t have popular legitimacy”, said McGurk. His words come as a response to projected figures, which show a tight race and the possibility of an election outcome not support by popular legitimacy. 




Shireen Hunter, visiting fellow at the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University, spoke about U.S.-Iran relations. Hunter was asked to comment on statements made by President Obama, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Ayatollah Khamenei. Examining the rhetoric from each speech, Hunter gave viewers an breakdown of the current status of U.S.-Iranian relations. Hunter also explained some of the issues hindering reconciliation between Iran, the U.S. and the international community at large. 




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