Posted on May 14, 2010 in Viewpoint with James Zogby

Hussein Ibish, Senior fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine, discussed the U.S.- arbitrated Palestinian proximity talks with Israel. According to Ibish, the question these proximity talks pose is whether or not direct negotiations will come about as a result. Ibish explained there is a strong likelihood that current negotiations could be “stalemated” for a long period of time. he also maintained that at any point either party could decide to cease proximity negotiations. “Right now, these [U.S.-led proximity talks] are sort of designed to light a fire underneath the Israeli prime minister”, said Ibish.”




Frank Sharry, Founder and Executive Director of America’s Voice, a Washington, DC-based organization devoted to comprehensive immigration reform, discussed the controversial Arizona immigration law and other areas of immigration reform. In a broader discussion about the current state of immigration reform, Sharry gave an overview of the politics behind the issue. “John McCain, is in the political fight of his life”, said Sharry. “A tough vote on immigration could cost him his political career.” “Republicans are scared by their right wings”, he added. Sharry also explained that the extreme political polarization in Washington is hindering reform.




Alex Spillius, Washington Correspondent for The Daily Telegraph, discussed the recent British elections. For the Fist time in 36 years, Britain has a hung parliament, a parliament where no political party holds an absolute majority. Spillius explained what political factors led to the hung parliament, and also gave a brief analysis of the implications the British elections will have on U.S.- British relations. “I think [Obama’s] White House has put a little distance between itself and Europe… [however]I think in Obama and David Cameron, you’ll see two men who are quite compatible and will get on quite well”, stated Spillius.



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