Posted on January 29, 2010 in Viewpoint with James Zogby

Ken Walsh, Chief White House correspondent for U.S. News and World Report was back on the show to discuss President Barak Obama's first State of The Union address. Walsh, who has covered many presidencies, spoke about the significance of Obama's first address as President and what affect will have going forward. "At this point, the rhetoric has to be backed up by some results", said Walsh.




Danny Seidemann, Israeli lawyer, Consulting Legal Advisor and founder of Ir Amim, discussed Jerusalem and the current status of the settlement issue which continues to hinder the peace process between Israelis and the Palestinians. Seidemann stated that the problem as it stands can be solved, but explained the potential for losing total control of the situation: "We're seeing a very dangerous transformation of this conflict into an intractable religious war, a combination of Jihad, holy war, Armageddon, second coming." Seidemann maintained the importance of the city of Jerusalem in coming to a consensus about the peace process; "If there is no two-state solution in Jerusalem, there is no two-state solution at all", said Seidemann bluntly.




Arab American comedian, Dean Obeidallah spoke about his new comedy tour "Arabs Gone Wild" which kicks off this weekend in Washington, DC. Dean, who has participated in many comedy tours including the "Axis of Evil Comedy Tour", was asked about his new material. Dean said he has been missing the amount material available to him during the Bush Administration: "During the Bush Administration, I felt such a burning need to talk about policy... as an Arab-American, I feel compelled to talk about things in our community." Dean gave us a few examples of his material and took calls from people eager to know what he had to say about issues including the new TSA body scanners.




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