Posted on October 15, 2010 in Viewpoint with James Zogby

In a special edition of Viewpoint with James Zogby, Bill Press, Host of The Bill Press Show interviews Dr. Zogby about his new Book, Arab Voices: What They Are Saying to Us And Why it Matters. Dr. Zogby reverses roles with Bill Press and discusses the reasons for writing his book, which hit store shelves this Tuesday. “I wrote it for two reasons”, Dr. Zogby said. “One [reason] is because the stakes are so high. We're in real trouble in the Middle East…it's not getting better”, he added. The second reason, he explained, was to “shatter” the myths Americans have about Arabs. Using data from 40 years of polling in Arab Countries and supporting the numbers with personal stories and anecdotes, Arab Voices attempts to paint the most accurate picture of the Arab people, explaining who they are to the American people. Dr. Zogby pointed to the lack of education offered to bridge the gap between Arabs and Americans, and iterated that many Americans are getting false information on Arabs and the Middle East from so-called experts, who in fact lack understanding of the Arab World. Dr. Zogby said: “Ignorance coupled with bad information, when you think you know and you don't, that's the most dangerous kind of ignorance of all.”

To learn more about the book, visit the Arab Voices section of this site. Click here to purchase a copy.

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