Posted by Omar Baddar on June 06, 2017 in Blog

If you put on a hat for a few hours, you may forget it’s even there. And if you get used to the idea that Palestine is occupied, you may get used to the idea that this is the normal state of affairs. This week, Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories turns 50 years old, the longest in modern history, and it’s anything but normal. A closer look at the brutality and injustice of this occupation is crucial to remind ourselves of how unsustainable the status quo is.

I remember about a decade ago, when I was watching Israeli and Palestinian officials debate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on television, an Israeli official complained that the Palestinians sounded “like a broken record” in complaining about the occupation. But if hearing about the occupation is annoying, imagine how much more aggravating it is to live under this occupation every single day of one’s life, to not be able to escape its restrictions of movement, its home demolitions, its theft of resources, and its violence. 50 years of occupation is 50 years too long, and it’s time for the world to move beyond condemnation, and to take concrete actions to bring it to an end.