Since announcing his candidacy for the 2016 Presidential election, Senator Bernie Sanders’s campaign has gained greater and greater momentum, so much so that he has cut down fellow Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s primary poll lead substantially. Sen. Sanders’s growing support was most evident when 9,600 people showed up to a rally his campaign organized in the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Madison, Wisconsin. Some political analysts continue to believe that Sen. Sanders’s support will eventually fizzle out or may never be enough to beat Hillary Clinton. Realistically, despite Sen. Sanders’s rapidly growing popularity, it is more than likely that Sen. Sanders will not beat Hillary for the democratic nomination. However, even if he fails to win the nomination, Sen. Sanders’s swelling fame demonstrates that there is a growing portion of the democratic electorate who are tired of the candidates and policy solutions that the democratic establishment has to offer. This time last year, no one would have imagined that a socialist Senator from Vermont would be within 10 percentage points of Hillary Clinton for the New Hampshire primary, but Sen. Sanders has taught us to never say never.  There's even still time for Vice President Joe Biden to join the race.