Posted by Arab American Institute on January 04, 2017 in Blog

Yesterday, the House and the Senate introduced legislation that would object to United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 as “as an obstacle to Israeli-Palestinian peace.” H.R. 11 & S. Res companion bill are unfounded and unwise criticisms of the Obama administration for abstaining from the UNSC resolution which condemned Israel for its settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Contrary to what these bills (H.R. 11 & S.Res 11) say, they do NOT aim to support the peace process. That was made even more clear when Rep. Steve King [R-IA-4] introduced an amendment that would DELETE any reference to a two-state solution, which is a shocking abandonment of core U.S. policies. Simply put, these bills are about Congress trying to protect Israel from any criticism of illegal settlements.  

The House and the Senate are expected to pass these resolutions TOMORROW. Tell Congress that they should support – not condemn - President Obama’s actions at the UN Security Council which criticized illegal Israeli settlements and were in line with generations of bi-partisan policy on settlement activity.

Please call and e-mail your Member of Congress NOW and urge them to oppose these bills.